Love is at the heart of human existence, yet it is a concept we find challenging to understand. Is love a feeling? Is love a person? Is love a series of actions? Is it enough? Is it unconditional? Do I deserve it? Do I know how to give or receive it? Here we explore the nuances around love and relationships.

Are you loving or just surviving?

  • At the crossroads of isolation and wanting intimacy-Dating after Lockdown.
    As the lockdown rules ease in the UK on April 12th, many are anticipating rooftop brunches and lush dinners with their boo and besties. For the singletons who happen to be introverts, we have spent a great deal of the lockdown nurturing our isolation and fortifying the walls of hyper-independence. This poses a challenging post […]
  • How to Get Over a “Situationship” or Not.
    Right now it feels like out of the billions of people breathing on earth, your heart was the only target to break. It feels like the world is out to get you or you are being punished for something you did when you were just a floating sperm in your daddy’s ball sack. And the […]
  • Unrequited Love: How to Move on from Loving Someone who DOESN’T Love You.
    This post has all the information you need to take back your love and move on healthily open to loving someone else in the future. You have unfortunately experienced one of the most painful forms of heartbreak; join the gang darling x. If you are not currently experiencing this, you might be reading to prep […]

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